COVID-19 Statement

We are open, and look forward to seeing you again!


  • Our salon is well-stocked with disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning supplies.
  • We require all employees to wash their hands before any services.
  • We are following a rigorous cleaning schedule (exceeding state board requirements) to ensure all stations, high-touch surfaces, towels, capes, and products are disinfected on a regular basis and after service
  • Employees and clients who show flu-like symptoms are required to stay home, or may have been exposed to others that do, until they are symptom-free (there is no penalty to clients for last minute cancellations).
  • We have adjusted our scheduling to limit the number of guests at any given time.
  • At risk clients: please consult with us for appointments during quiet hours.

Per the guidelines:

  • We will be working in split shifts to allow adequate distancing.
  • Appointments are required, please call (480)968-5946.
  • Both employees and clients will be required to wear masks.
  • We continue to disinfecting with enhanced methods to ensure everyone’s health and safety.